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Adopt-A-Street / Trail / Park / Walkway Program

Adopt-A-Street/Trail/Park/Walkway Registration


The Adopt program is a campaign to beautify and take pride in our City of Niagara Falls. Volunteer groups will be encouraged to adopt a street, trail, park, or walkway, thereby being responsible for the litter pickup, weed pulling and other necessary cleaning along the selected area.

The Adopt program is an effort between the City of Niagara Falls and invested partners. Volunteer groups that participate will be recognized with a sign erected to acknowledge their efforts (if appropriate) at their adopted area.
Any individual, group, business or organization is welcome to take part in this program.

A minimum of 3 times a year will be designated toward the program (Spring, Summer and Fall) whereby volunteer groups attend to their adopted area. Common sense should be practiced to ensure a safe environment for volunteers while participating in the program. All volunteers must sign a waiver form prior to each clean-up. A $5,000,000 certificate of insurance, naming the City of Niagara Falls must also be provided and completed on the City's template form that will be provided. For further information, contact Recreation & Culture at 905 356 7521 e.3330.

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