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NFCDF Financial Report Form


Thanks again for bringing your amazing ideas to life in Niagara Falls! We all appreciate the extra work it takes to do this.
A Final Report is required on completion of the project for which funding has been provided.  Please see below to ensure your Report is complete before submitting. Payment of the final 25% of the approved funding will be provided upon satisfactory completion.

Please fill in the report below and attach additional materials as requested. There are 27 questions. You will receive a link to edit the form once complete, should you need to revise the answers. 

To make changes to your Report you must complete the required elements (those with an *asterisk) and get to the very end. It will automatically send you a link via email to go back in and revise once you have “finished”. One work – around is to just put in a mark (i.e. X) in * areas that you are not ready to properly fill in yet.

The information below is for your convenience to best prepare to complete the Report. 

You will be requested to provide the following with your written report:
  • Written Report describing the project, it's goals and successes.
  • NFCDF Financial Report with the “Original Projections” and “Finals” columns completed.
  • Statistical Information.
  • Itemized list of receipts with category totals.
  • Copies of all receipts of all expenditures paid for with NFCDF funding in PDF form.
  • Any sample promotional materials from your project in JPG or PDF form.
  • Images from your project in JPG or PDF form (no larger than 10MB) and/or video link(s) to YouTube.
  • Copies of any significant plans developed with this funding, if applicable.