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Self Screening Assessment Tool

Self-Screen for COVID-19 Risk

This screening tool must be completed by all City of Niagara Falls employees and visitors who intend to enter a City of Niagara Falls building. Staff are not permitted to report to their workstation before completing this self-screen.

The health of our staff and visitors depends on our honesty and accuracy in completing this daily screening tool. Managers and supervisors will follow up with staff if they are working in a building but didn't complete a self-screen.

Thank you for your understanding and your commitment to the health of one another.
Collection of Personal Information (for employees)

Personal information collected by Human Resources is used and disclosed under the legal authority of the Employment Standards Act and Occupational Health and Safety Protection Act, where applicable. Personal Information will be collected and used to administer human resources and payroll policies relating to:
  • Hires, transfers and promotion
  • Salaries and wages, including health, insurance, pensionĀ and wellness benefits
  • Time off work
  • Employee health, safety and wellness
  • Should your personal information, such as address, phone, email, emergency contact, banking information for direct deposit, etc. change, it is your responsibility to notify the HR team of those changes to ensure the accuracy of the information is up to date
Questions about the collection of this personal information should be directed to:

Human Resources
City of Niagara Falls
4310 Queen Street
Niagara Falls, ON
L3E 6X5
905-356-7521 extension 4317